BRU is synonymous with coffee in India and it’s no wonder that it is the best loved coffee in all parts of the
country. A pioneer of instant coffee premixes in India for the youth, Bru also has a premium filter blend of
85% coffee and 15% chicory called BRU Select, in addition to a variety of Indian and international coffee.
BRU brings you unmatched quality from Authentic South Indian Coffee Plantations providing the best
“home-like” taste of coffee for thousands of offices across India through vending machines.

Bru Hot Coffee Premix
Bru Low Sugar Coffee Premix
Bru Instant
Bru Select (Filter Coffee)
Bru Roast and Ground (Filter Coffee)
Bru Beans
Bru Gold
Our Premix Machine also serves:
Taj Mahal Tea
Taj Mahal Premium Tea Bags
(Black Tea, Masala, Cardamom, Ginger, Lemon)
Brook Bond Dairy Whitener
Brook Bond Low Sugar Dairy Whitener
Brook Bond Beverage Whitener
Lipton Green Tea
Lipton Green Tea Honey and Lemon
Red Label Cardamom Premix
Red Label Low Sugar Cardamom Tea Premix
Red Label Hot Lemon Tea Premix
Red Label Masala Tea Premix
Knorr Tomato Soup Powder
Express Service (Key Metros)

Preventive Maintenance

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