Red Label
In most Indian homes, the other name for tea is Brooke Bond Red Label.
Red Label is used to make the perfect cup of tea.
It has always been associated with a touch of love, and has an irresistible aroma and
taste which brings families together.
Brooke Bond Red Label believes in Celebrating the Taste of Togetherness.

In thousands of offices across India, vending machines serve the taste of
home-made tea with Brooke Bond Red Label.

Red Label Cardamom Flavoured Tea Premix
Red Label Tea
3 Roses Tea
Red Label Diet Tea Premix
Red Label Masala Tea Premix
Our Premix Machine also serves:
Taj Mahal Tea Bags
(Assam, Masala, Cardamom, Ginger, Lemon)
Bru Hot Coffee Premix
Bru Instant
Bru Select (Filter Coffee)
Bru Roast and Ground (Filter Coffee)
Bru Beans
Bru Gold
Brook Bond Dairy Whitener
Brook Bond Low Sugar Dairy Whitener
Brook Bond Beverage Whitener
Lipton Green Tea
Lipton Green Tea Honey and Lemon
Knorr Tomato Soup Powder
Express Service (Key Metros)

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