The authentic taste and aroma of Fresh South Indian filter coffee
powered by Bru can now be enjoyed at your workplace.

A vending machine that serves a range of quality beverages like Cappuccino, Latte, Americano and other brews that true coffee and tea lovers will enjoy.

Unbeatable cost through machine efficiency that uses 30-40% less beans

State-of-the-art vending machine that provides efficient service without breakdowns.

Dispensing rate: 2-3 cups/min of 100 ml each
Drink Size capacity 80 ml to 150 ml


Green Tea Bag
Tea Bag

Key Specifications

  • Option of serving 4 ingredients beverages (2-Premix, 1-Coffee Bean & 1-Fresh Milk) Option of dispensing coffee with both fresh milk & dairy whitener
  • No. of selection buttons: 8
  • Simultaneously dispensing of steam and drink
  • Customize milk dispensing
  • Illuminated dispensing buttons printed with drink name
  • Graphics display
  • Program menu lock through 'Password'
  • Automatic hot water flushing of mixers & brewer
  • Digital counter
  • Low maintenance

Dimension (m/c) – H-680 mm, W-440 mm, and D-580 mm
Weight – 50Kg (m/c), 5 Kg (Milk unit)
Power supply – 230 V / 50 Hz, 2 plug points of 15A each
Total electrical load – 6 KW
Initial water heating time – 5 minute.
Initial milk heating time – 30 minute
Stainless steel used for machine top plate and Z plate for longer life and hygiene of machine
Express Service (Key Metros)

Preventive Maintenance

Maintenance Personnel



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